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After Closing: Homeowner Checklist – 10 Essential Tasks

January 24, 2024 @armkeysuccess

Congratulations on becoming a homeowner! The journey to homeownership doesn't end at the closing table; in fact, it's just the beginning. To ensure a smooth transition into your new abode, here's a comprehensive checklist of 10 essential things to do after closing.

1. Clean And Paint The House

Before moving in your belongings, take the time to thoroughly clean your new home. This includes scrubbing floors, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning windows. Consider painting the walls if needed, allowing you to start with a fresh, personalized canvas.

2. Change All Of Your Locks

Security is paramount when it comes to homeownership. Change all locks on exterior doors to ensure that you have control over who has access to your home. This simple step provides peace of mind and enhances the safety of your new space.

3. Service And Clean Your HVAC Units

Maintain the efficiency of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) units by scheduling a professional service. Clean filters, check for any issues, and ensure that your home's climate control systems are operating optimally.

4. Test The House’s CO And Smoke Detectors

Safety should always be a priority. Test all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they are in working order. Replace batteries if needed and familiarize yourself with their locations throughout the house.

5. Check The Water Heater

Inspect your water heater to ensure it's functioning correctly. Familiarize yourself with the temperature settings and consider draining the tank to remove sediment buildup for optimal performance.

6. Turn Your Home-Inspection Report Into A Maintenance To-Do List

Use your home-inspection report as a guide for future maintenance tasks. Address any issues identified during the inspection and create a maintenance schedule to keep your home in top condition.

7. Put Your Closing Packet In A Safe Place

Organize and store your closing packet in a secure place. This packet typically includes important documents related to the purchase of your home, such as the closing statement, loan documents, and any warranties.

8. Alert Others To Your Change Of Address

Notify relevant parties of your change of address. Update your information with the post office, utility companies, banks, and any other organizations that need to send correspondence to your new home.

9. Update Your Driver’s License

Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles to update your driver's license with your new address. This ensures that your identification is current and reflects your new residency.

10. Celebrate Your New Home

Take a moment to celebrate and enjoy your new home. Whether it's a small gathering with friends and family or a quiet evening in, acknowledge this significant milestone in your life.

Completing these tasks after closing will not only help you settle into your new home smoothly but also contribute to the long-term well-being of your property. Welcome to homeownership – may your new space be filled with joy, comfort, and countless happy memories!

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