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15 Ai Tools For Real Estate Agents to Close More Deals in 2024

Updated: Mar 21

January 24, 2024 @armkeysuccess

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping how real estate agents conduct business, ushering in positive transformations. As an increasing number of software companies integrate AI technology into their services, the global community of real estate agents experiences enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations. By relieving agents of mundane tasks, they can refocus on cultivating meaningful relationships with potential clients. In this dynamic real estate landscape, staying competitive is essential. Embracing cutting-edge AI tools provides agents with the advantage needed to streamline processes and boost productivity. Explore the following 15 AI tools that are revolutionizing the industry, empowering agents to successfully close more deals.

Have you explored Magic yet? It's the AI-powered suite within Canva for editing and creating. Canva boasts four Magic applications:

  • Magic Write aids in drafting copy for any creative project.

  • Magic Design generates templates using your uploaded images.

  • Magic Eraser effortlessly removes items from your photos.

  • Magic Edit allows you to replace items in photos using text prompts.

2. Wise Agent AI Bot & Writing Tool

Wise Agent has integrated a lead nurturing bot as a sales assistant for real estate agents on its platform. This advanced bot efficiently qualifies new leads in the Wise Agent CRM, engaging them through human-like conversations. Once the lead is prepared, the AI seamlessly transitions it to the agent for further interaction. Complementing this, Wise Agent provides the AI Writing Assistant tool, enabling quick generation of compelling content for text messages, emails, or drip campaigns.

3. Dippidi AI Nurturing Communications

Dippidi, a comprehensive platform, not only generates buyer and seller leads through content marketing and paid ads but also elevates the process by collaborating with Structurely for intelligent lead nurturing. As per the company's website, its AI communications boast an impressive 57% text response rate, 40% email open rate, and 17% qualification rate – truly remarkable results!

Ever found yourself struggling to recall crucial details from a client phone call? Say goodbye to that worry with This innovative AI tool actively listens to your conversations, capturing notes, scheduling appointments, and seamlessly sending everything to your CRM. Consider it your 24/7 personal assistant, ensuring you never miss important details again.

It appears that Rechat might outpace Elon Musk in creating an all-encompassing app. Fortunately for you, Rechat is specifically crafted as an all-in-one solution for real estate agents and brokers. Recognized by Inman and the Associated Press for innovation, it recently participated in the National Association of Realtors’ Innovation, Opportunity & Investment Summit’s pitch battle alongside While it didn't secure the top spot, Rechat is gaining momentum. The latest addition, Rechat AI, is an innovative tool that generates content for agents, covering emails, blog posts, social media, listing descriptions, and more.

Admit it, crafting listing descriptions isn't a favorite task for many. Even individuals who find pleasure in writing tend to avoid this duty. steps in, utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze unique features of each property listing and generate well-crafted descriptions automatically. Taking it a step further, the tool crafts attention-grabbing ad copy customized to captivate potential buyers.

Meet your new real estate marketing assistant, Lumi AI. If you're looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence but unsure how, Lumi is here to simplify the process. With a user-friendly design, you select what you want to create from the drop-down form, fill in the blanks, and let Lumi take care of the rest.

Struggling with following up on past client testimonials? It's a common challenge, and that's where Birdeye comes in. Birdeye takes care of the entire process for you, leveraging powerful AI technology to handle your online reputation management. By interacting with clients across various platforms, BirdAI meets them where they prefer, increasing your chances of securing those valuable reviews and maintaining a prominent online presence.

9. SalesWise Ai

Seeking high-quality content to keep your leads engaged? Saleswise's AI assistant serves as your marketing partner, creating expert-level emails, sales scripts, social media posts, and even virtual room remodels.

10. Rila

Rila utilizes AI to curate ideal listings for its users. What sets this app apart is its unique layout – it's fashioned as a social platform for real estate. Imagine creator tour videos reminiscent of TikTok content. Rila has the potential to seamlessly combine two beloved user activities into one app: exploring stunning homes and engaging on social media.

11. Style to Design

Style to Design elevates virtual staging with Reality Staging, where designers use AI technology to stage a home. The unique aspect lies in the virtual depiction of actual furnishings, which clients can retain. This allows clients to preview the exact design they'll have upon project completion. Once satisfied, the real furniture is arranged in the room by designers.

12. InVideo

Leveraging the platform's text-to-video feature, InVideo crafts shareable videos for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Similar to ChatGPT, it operates through a prompt box, generating videos based on the prompts you provide. You can publish up to four videos per week for free.

13. Virtual Staging AI

Real estate professionals have long employed virtual staging tools, but the process has never been as straightforward as it is now. Virtual Staging AI simplifies the task – just upload a picture of an empty room, specify the room type and design style, and choose your preferred iteration from three options generated within seconds.

Restb.Ai utilizes image analysis to extract valuable insights from properties. The significance? Upon exploring this platform, I discovered the wealth of knowledge embedded in images, crucial for distinguishing a property's marketability. This software discerns room elements like natural light, tray ceilings, or exposed brick, enabling the generation of descriptions, compilation of analytics, automated reporting, and a transformative shift in the way people engage with properties. Once witnessed, you'll question how we've managed without this technology for so long.

15. StudioShot

We've encountered them all: those dated headshots that seem straight out of the 80s. I get it, updating your headshot is a hassle. But what if I said you could do it yourself with just your smartphone? It's true. StudioShot transforms your selfies into professional headshots using AI technology known as generative adversarial networks (GANs). No need to go through the hassle of getting camera-ready.

Embrace the future of real estate with these AI tools designed to make your journey smoother and more successful. From efficient communication to stunning visuals, these tools are the secret weapons that can help real estate agents close more deals and stay ahead in a competitive market. Explore their capabilities and transform the way you approach real estate transactions.

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