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Thrive in Real Estate: Introducing the eXp Thrive Program for Real Estate Teams

Updated: Jan 22

January 20, 2024 @armkeysuccess

Calling all real estate team leaders! Exciting news just landed that's about to turn your real estate dreams into reality! eXp Realty introduces the eXp Thrive Program, the newest game-changer in incentive programs for teams.

eXp Realty, renowned for its agent-centric approach, unveils the eXp Thrive Program tailored for real estate teams. Dive into this article as we dissect what the eXp Thrive Program entails, outline the incentives awaiting team leaders, and unveil the myriad benefits of aligning your team with eXp. Ready to thrive in real estate? Let's explore together!

What is the eXp Thrive Program?

Exciting news for ambitious real estate teams! Introducing the eXp Thrive Program, a dynamic initiative designed for teams ready to build, grow, and elevate their real estate ventures with the robust eXp brokerage platform.

Launched in 2023 as the third incentive program by eXp Realty, following the successful 'Boost' for independent brokerages and 'Accelerate' for individual agents, the eXp Thrive Program offers equity incentives to qualifying real estate teams.

Wondering what the program entails? It's simple – the eXp Thrive Program provides equity incentives based on a team's production over the previous 12 months, offering team leaders a stock award upon joining eXp. Ready to thrive in real estate? Join us on this exciting journey!

eXp Thrive Program Incentives

Unleash the potential of your real estate team with the eXp Thrive Program – a groundbreaking model rewarding teams for making the smart move to eXp Realty. As a team leader, you'll receive an enticing equity award in the form of EXPI stock, calculated at 100% of the hypothetical retained company dollars your team would have earned in the previous 12 months.

In simpler terms, imagine every dollar your team would contribute to eXp in a traditional model – the entire amount becomes your equity award! This award vests after your team's initial three years with eXp, contingent on your team's average retained company dollar during that period.

Exciting, right? To pinpoint the exact amount based on your unique production, let's dive into the specifics together. Ready to thrive with eXp!

But wait, there's more!

eXp's unique culture doesn't stop at incentives. Teams joining eXp will experience top-notch training, seamlessly integrating with the innovative brokerage platform and unlocking a treasure trove of resources. No team is left to navigate alone – enjoy dedicated administrative and operational support, harness cutting-edge technology, and access a plethora of tools both during the transition and beyond!

That's not all! Team leaders at eXp can tap into the revenue share model, additional equity incentives, and an attractive commission structure for both themselves and their agents. It's a win-win scenario for your team's triumph, providing a host of benefits to elevate your team's success!

And arguably one of the most significant but often overlooked advantages for teams opting to join eXp is that eXp unburdens you as the team leader. With comprehensive support, training, tools, mentorship, paperwork handling, broker support, and more provided by eXp, you can set aside the mundane tasks and concentrate on what truly matters: achieving exceptional success with your team!

eXp Thrive Program Qualifications for Teams

Team leaders aspiring to join eXp and leverage the eXp Thrive Program must fulfill specific cultural and production criteria to be considered for an equity award.

Teams with over 10 agents (in addition to the team lead) and a minimum of $40 million in sales volume in the past year qualify for an equity incentive through the eXp Thrive Program. Cultural alignment with eXp Realty, a commitment to team growth, and agreement with incentive and retention terms are also prerequisites.

eXp Thrive Program Qualifications Checklist

  • Must Have a Minimum of 10 Agents

  • Must Have a Minimum of $40 Million in Sales Volume Over the last 12 Month

  • Must be culturally aligned with the eXp Brokerage Platform

  • Must be Invested in the Continued Growth of Their Team at eXp

  • Must Participate in eXp’s Revenue Share Program

  • Must Agree to Incentive and Retention Timelines

The Purpose of The eXp Thrive Program

The eXp Thrive Program aims to revolutionize the real estate industry by providing additional incentives for team leaders, fostering team growth, and contributing to the overall success of their organizations.

In conclusion, the eXp Thrive Program offers an exciting opportunity for real estate teams to thrive, receive equity awards, and benefit from the unique culture and support provided by eXp Realty. If you're a team leader ready to elevate your real estate ventures, the eXp Thrive Program awaits!

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