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Top Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for 2024: Elevate Your Outreach Strategy

April 14, 2024 @ArmkeySuccess

Cold calling may appear intimidating, particularly for beginners. As per a HubSpot study, just 28% of cold calls result in a conversation. With more efficient lead generation alternatives accessible, some might question its value. Nonetheless, cold calling remains a viable method to promote your services as a real estate agent.

By reaching out directly via phone calls, cold calling introduces your real estate offerings to a diverse audience. When executed in a friendly and informative manner, it can generate leads and even secure clients. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into how you can assist buyers and sellers with their real estate requirements.

Check out the following real estate cold calling scripts you can use as a guide in various conversations.

1. To gauge a prospect and define their interest

Hi. I’m Kevin from eXp Realty. Are you the homeowner of 123 Main Street? There’s a market for properties in the neighborhood, and I have some interested buyers. I want to ask if you’d consider selling yours if I have someone lined up to purchase.

2. To humanize yourself as an agent and connect with sellers and buyers

Hi, John! This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I’ve been living in the area for about ten years now, and it’s just a great place to be. As an agent specializing in [Bensonhurst], I wanted to know if you’re open to finding a suitable buyer for your property? Would you be okay with setting up a meeting to discuss this?

3. To leverage recent sales

Hi! I’m Kevin, an agent from eXp Realty. I’m getting in touch because I just sold a house in the neighborhood at [123 Main Street], and there’s been much interest in the area. I’m wondering if you’re interested in selling your home. Because currently, the properties are at fantastic prices.

4. To introduce your real estate company and service

Hi! I’m calling from eXp Realty. This is Kevin. I’m greatly invested in helping buyers and sellers connect through their properties, and I wonder if you could be one of those. Would you like to set up a meeting if you’re interested in possibly selling your home or looking for a new property?

5. To pitch to someone you know

Hi, John! This is Kevin. We met at Jane’s birthday last week! How have you been? I was calling because I’m not sure if she told you, but I’m a real estate agent at eXp Realty. I’m reaching out to friends and family to see if they’ve ever thought about purchasing or selling properties. Have you considered or maybe want to set up a meeting about it?

6. To cold call and be direct to the point

Hi! This is Kevin, a real estate agent from eXp Realty. I don’t want to take up much of your time, so I’ll make it quick. Are you interested in selling your home now or sometime in the future? I know some buyers looking in the area.

7. To contact a seller who has not sold their property

Hi, is this John? My name’s Kevin, and I’m calling from eXp Realty. I was surfing the internet and noticed you’ve got your property up for sale. I wondered if you’ve had any success or maybe I could help you. I would love to assist in getting more potential buyers for the property.

8. To follow up on leads

Hi, John! This is Kevin calling from eXp Realty. I wondered if you want to talk about the appraisal I conducted on your property last [month]. I’ve been watching the market, and I think a lot is happening in the area. Has your position on selling the place changed?

9. To contact prospects with expired listings

Hi, is this John? I’m Kevin from eXp Realty. I’m calling about the property on [address] because I saw it listed about a year ago, but the listing has expired. I want to help you out if you’re interested in trying to sell it again. Are you open to setting up a meeting about this?

10. To ride the FOMO phenomenon

Hi! Can I speak to the homeowner? This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I’m calling because many of your neighbors are putting up their houses for sale. Some of them are selling at a price higher than the average in your area. Would you be interested in selling your property?

11. To revive cold leads

Hi, John! How are you? This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I know it’s been a while, but I just wanted to check in and see if you would like to move forward with my assessment of your property?

12. To probate leads (for people with houses they inherited)

Hi! Is this John? I’m Kevin, and I’m from eXp Realty. Are you available to talk for a moment? I just found out that you recently inherited property at [address]. I wanted to know if you’re possibly interested in selling it?

13. For circle prospecting

Hi, is this the homeowner? This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I recently passed by your property, and I thought it was a great location. The neighborhood is lively and accessible, and I’ve gotten multiple requests from buyers looking for properties in this neighborhood. I wanted to know if you’re looking to sell or would be open to setting up a meeting about this?

 14. For referrals 

Hi, John! It’s Kevin from eXp Realty. I helped you buy your home at [123 Main Street]. How have you been? I recently sold another property in the neighborhood, so I thought of calling you. Business is great, and I thought of asking previous clients to review our company. Would it be okay if I send you a link? It would help us scale our service.

15. For buyers with no available houses

Hi! Is this John? This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I heard you’re the homeowner and wondered if you’d be able to talk for a bit? Your property is in a great location, and currently, I have buyers willing to pay for it. Would you be interested in selling?

16. To engage internet leads

Hi, John. This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I’m calling about the form you filled out on our website. I see you’re interested in buying a property. Would you be interested in setting up a meeting about this?

17. For being a community champion

Hi! Is this the homeowner? This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I’m calling because I’ve been making some sales around the neighborhood, and being from around here, I know first-hand how great this place is. I was wondering if you’re looking to sell your place? Would you be interested in setting up a meeting?

18. When you get the voicemail script

Hello John, This is Kevin from eXp Realty. I’m calling because we recently listed a property in your area at low rates and would like to hear your thoughts. I’ll contact you again perhaps next week, or you can call me at [your phone number]. I hope to hear from you soon!

19. How did you find my number?

I did some online research and was able to find it in my database.

20. I already have a meeting with another agent

That is not at all a problem. I’d be happy to give you a second opinion, and if you decide to list with me, I can contact the other agent on your behalf and cancel the appointment.

21. I’m going to sell it myself

That’s great. The good news is that our meeting will be more of a complimentary lesson than a sales pitch. So if you like what I have to say, you can incorporate it into your own strategy.

Start using these scripts today to get leads on the phone, learn about buyer and seller needs, and build confidence and rapport.

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